About us

We are SeeMeCab, a Research & Development company providing ground-breaking and unique Touch/Mobile/Web solutions dedicated to professionals. The aim of our team of experts is to use the most advanced digital technologies to provide operational human-centered tools.
The company specializes in two main fields of activity:

The co-founders

Julien Cotteaux

Morgan and Julien are two young engineers who met on a windy beach in Western France during a Kitesurfing show. Sport-addicts, they decided to create and manage the company the way they run a sport challenge: with a human team spirit, innovative, creative and fully committed!

Morgan Bigot

FramesAdvisorYour biggest asset is your customers’ satisfaction

No matter the lifestyle, vision or morphology, all your customers need your professional know-how to guide them in the choice of their eyewear and your biggest challenge is to continuously renew the quality of the service you provide.
Therefore we have created FramesAdvisor, a powerful software solution especially designed to help you bring a unique, personalized, valuable and fun experience into your store. With our suite of products your service is sized for a customer’s satisfaction at its top!

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ArchiReportApplications for building industry professionals

The building area is increasingly competitive, SeeMeCab proposes an extensive range of services and products especially designed for you.

ArchiReport software suite assists professionals in-the-field :

  • Site supervision work with ArchiReport
  • Reserve management with ArchiOPR
  • Real diagnosis with DiagReport
  • Prospecting tools with ArchiCom

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Le Lab


We are continuously improving our solutions to make them be at the forefront of the technology and, above all, to enable us to provide a relevant answer to our customer’s needs and concerns.


Our team of experts works on our customers’ and partners specific requests for customized solutions or integration in their information systems.

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